Bid Big To Win Big

Our Windows 11 Auction brings you the opportunity to bid on 9 amazing items each month, for the next 3 months! Simply see how many points you’ve accrued in your Westcoast Rewards Account and bid away!

Boost your point balance! Earn extra points on Windows 11 Pro device sales plus your Intel vPro device orders between 10th April – 28th June. Simply make your claim for devices sold during this period and your points will be added to your account.

T&Cs apply.

Don't miss out!

Bidding opens on 10 April, and you have until the last day of the month to place your bids before this month’s items are replaced by more fantastic items!


To take part in our blind auction, simply enter the amount of points you are willing to BID under one (or more) prize. BID amounts will not be visible to others, so make sure you enter the highest amount to win the item! If you enter a value below the minimum bid value, this will not be valid/submitted.

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Changed Your mind?
If you’ve changed your mind, your bid can be withdrawn up to 5 days prior to the last day of the month, you won’t lose your points, and in which case the second highest bid will win.

T&Cs apply